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BRAVADIN beef & bacon

Hamburger Press

Hamburger Press

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Bravadin Beef & Bacon Silicone Burger Press: Revolutionize your burger-making routine with our 4.72” x 3.76” patty burger maker. Our burger patty press is designed to effortlessly shape meat into flawless patties, elevating your culinary experience.  Crafted with a user-centric approach, our hamburger patty mold boasts a straightforward design that requires no assembly. Our hamburger smasher is made from BPA-free, food grade silicone, offering a non-stick surface that ensures uniform patty molding. Experience the joy of cooking with confidence, knowing each hamburger patty will cook consistently and to mouthwatering perfection. The thoughtful design of our burger smasher tool extends to its comfortable non-slip handle. Reduce hand strain and fatigue during extended use, and enjoy optimal control even in wet or oily conditions with our hamburger maker. With your convenience in mind, we've included 100 round, unbleached 4.7” hamburger patty paper sheets. These papers utilize the double-sided silicone coating of our burger press patty maker to easily separate patties, facilitating quick pressing, stacking, and freezing. Our hamburger mold features non-porous silicone that repels food particles and prevents absorption, ensuring easy cleaning. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, freeing you from the chore of hand washing and saving you valuable time.---About Us: BRAVADIN beef & bacon is a small, family-owned business. We love designing convenient and thoughtful products that you can use in your daily life. This silicone hamburger press is an effort to do just that. We hope you love our hamburger meat smasher as much as we do. Thanks for supporting our family business!

Hamburger Patty Maker: Streamline your burger making process with our burger maker press. The simple design of our hamburger press patty maker requires no assembly and is an efficient tool to shape meat into perfectly round patties in no time.

Non-Stick Silicone: Made from BPA free, food grade silicone our burger maker offers a non-stick surface. The non-stick feature of our burger mold ensures you will mold uniform patties without the hassle of meat sticking to the press.

Comfortable Non Slip Handle: The ergonomic non-slip handle of our patty maker reduces hand strain and fatigue during extended use. This provides you with optimal control in wet and oily conditions to prepare large quantities of burger patty quickly.

Round Patty Papers Included: Our unbleached patty papers use double sided silicone coating for separating patties with the burger press. Use the hamburger patty paper to quickly press, stack, and freeze the patties.  There are 100 papers included that are 4.7” round.

Easy to Clean: The non porous silicone of our burger smasher repels food residue, preventing absorption and making cleanup a breeze. Being dishwasher safe, it is easy to clean our hamburger press for griddle saving you valuable effort and time. 

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