The Better Burger Press

Press countless, perfect patties for fast meal prep with the best durable, silicone hamburger press.

  • ✓ non-stick, food grade silicone surface

  • ✓ lasting and durable

  • ✓ flexible for easy patty release

Tired of sloppy, broken burger patties?

Making a lot of hamburger patties for grilling or meal prep should be fast, easy, and fun for your entire family!

Press the perfect patties with our safe, non-stick, dishwasher safe burger maker.

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Press Restaurant-Style Burgers

  • Roll

    a ball of ground meat & place it on top of the paper liner

  • Press

    to form a perfect patty

  • Release

    patty by simply flipping

    over and pinching

  • Stack

    with papers between each patty, ready for the grill or freezer

Make meal prep fun & fast!

We understand that meal preparation can sometimes feel overwhelming and time-consuming, especially with the demands of daily life. Our goal is to make meal prep as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

We are committed to providing solutions that save you time, simplify the process, and help you enjoy nutritious meals without the hassle.



Can I use this to make smash burgers?

Yes, we designed the press to be both a hamburger patty maker and a black stone grill press. Our hamburger press is safe to use directly on the black stone or cast iron skillet to make smash style burgers.

How much meat should I use for on burger?

We would recommend using no less than 1/4 lb of beef or other meat to get the best results. It is really a personal preference. Over filling can cause uneven burgers.

Why is the base thinner then the press?

We designed the base to be more flexible so it easier to remove the pressed patty.Simply pull or squeeze the side a bit to and either flip it out or gently remove it with your fingers.

Top Bravadin Fans!

Here's what they're saying!

  • Amanda L.

    This is the perfect patty maker! The silicone is sturdy and so easy to clean!! Love that it also came with the papers to place between patty’s for freezing multiple.
    Making stuffed burgers has never been easier! Even my kids can do it!

  • Kylie H.

    I was spending so much money buying premade chicken and turkey burgers. This burger press has been such a money saver. I love that I can make my own flavorful patties ahead of time to grab when I want a quick and easy lunch. I love that all burgers are the same size and thickness. Durable product. Easy to clean!

  • C.E.

    When I would try to make hamburger patties before I had this, they would be odd shapes and thicknesses. With this, I can make them whatever thickness I want, and they are perfectly circular. I am very satisfied with it.

  • Jenni M.

    I love how sturdy this is and the material it is made out of. I used to have a hard plastic one and my patties would get stuck. I can easily get them out now. The perfectly sized parchment papers were an amazing bonus that I didn't even know I was getting. I can't wait to make smash burgers next!